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1 o = emotional word ( eh hurrah ew etc )

2 ma = no, negative / opposite prefix, bad, awful, evil, opposite, 0

3 asa = easy, happy, simple, good, help, to help, right, right side, beatifull, right to do stuff, human right, to win

4 ka = he, they, she, it, her, his, their, its

5 kini = low, bottom, lower, down, under, below, floor

6 no = normal, regular,lasting, ordinary, standard, typical, general

7 nalu = keep, stay, wait, reside

8 la = (introduces a direct object)

9 ta = and, also

10 tela = thing, object, resource, tool, item

11 wi = flower, plant, tree, grass

12 paka = speak, understand, language, hello, hi

13 lese = trash, pollution, toxins, garbage, waste, poop, swear word, chemichal

14 sakasu = person, human, people, being, somebody, person

15 hawa = to have, own, possess, to gain, to get, to gather, to have to, must

16 muka = yes, indeed, agreed, good, good, nice, positive, correct, OK, cool, thanks!, simple, sounds right

17 malu = to be able to, to can, possibility, ability

18 sula = voice, loud, loudness

19 kama = to come, become, appear, arrive, happen, succeed, manage, to rise, north

20 kola = mountain, hill, stone, ore, iron, metal

21 ke = with, among, accompany, to go with, union

22 sawala = black, dark, darkness, brown

23 walo = white, light, bright

24 sinu = color, race

25 ketane = yellow, gold

26 pala = blue

27 pilo = red

28 mesu = maybe, perhaps

29 kona = (between adverb of context and subject)

30 naku = sleep, rest

31 heta = head, mind, belief, faith, main, lead, mind, brain, opinion, thought, political opinion, religion, religous, politics, political

32 kutu = block, square object, cube, stairs

33 litema = cloth, clothing

34 wala = warm, hot, cooked, fire, heat, warmth, thnbder, lighting

35 esu = is, am, to be

36 iso = big, huge, large, tall

37 lije = line, family, rope, thread, string, cord, chain, hair

38 falapa = flag, paper, card, something flat, level

39 taki = inside, inner, in, stomach, gut, to, intestines, in, on, at, outer layer, underground, to

40 sosu = hand, 5, palm, to play, to game, game

41 sepeto = mating, breeding, sex

42 kanu = to see, look, to look, eye sight, eye, to visit

43 oka =loop, window, door, orifice

44 mu = earth, country, ground, dirt, gravel, continent, sub continent, terrain, world

45 mama = father, parent, mom, mother, dad, family member

46 feta = money, cash, bitcoin

47 wana = woman, female, girl

48 mana = man, male, boy

49 mi = me, i, to me, mine

50 fuwa = food, to eat, to drink, drink, grain, wheat

51 tota = death, to die, to sleep forever, coma, kill, war, violence

52 pele = front, foward, in front of her, in front of him

53 soli = sun, day, morning, star

54 suto = many, several, very, much, quantity, amount, a lot, abundant, numerous, more, all, everything, plural, party

55 kilo = number, -th, amount, gender

56 kasa = way, manner, custom, road, path

57 hela = here, in this place, now, currently

58 name = name

59 tanu = leg, to kick, feet, step, footstep, footprint

60 upi = to love, to like, love, like

61 kolana = to open, open, to start, beginning, starter, mobilisation

62 kalna = to screw up, botch, ruin, break, hurt, injure, damage, accident

63 lepe = life, activity, work, deed, doing, project,to do, make, act, work, function, be alive, to create, creation, constructed, to construct, production

64 tonoka = stick, long object, pointy long object

65 tale = to give, put, send,to place, release, emit

66 sesu = feelings, heart, emotion, feeling, to feel

67 ju = you

68 kotosu = done, past, ready, end, tip, ago, finish, close, end, turn off, edge

69 poka = bug, insect, spider

70 tu = two, together, each other

71 tili = three

72 kalasu = container, box, bowl, cup, glass

73 same = same, simular, equal, like, as

74 sato = what, wich, that, this, how, it, who, where

75 helota = body, physical, state, health

76 pale = circle, round, sphere, ball, cycle, group, community

77 nowu = new, fresh, another, 1, allone, first

78 foto = picture, image, draw, idea, drawing, script, writing, alphabet, art

79 jana = knowledge, science, intelligence, understanding, wisdom, know how to, understand, to trust, trust, to remember

80 janowa = animal, repitilian

81 kute = cute, sweet, candy, dear

82 sonu = from, by, because of, origin, cause, truth, true, real,about

83 kusa = but, only

84 kuso = to go to, move, walk, travel, to, in order to, towards, for, until. go

85 wesi = water, liquid, juice, sauce, anything liquid

86 ito = time, perioid, when, clock

87 koti = house, room, place, building, constructed space, home

88 saja = mouth, teeth, tooth, lips, to bite

89 fuli = to fly, flying, air, floating

90 kusu = strong, energy, hard, fierce, intense, confidence, confident

91 jaha = away, against

92 wila = to want, need, wish, purpose

93 pasala = to buy, market

94 uta = cut, to cut, scissors

95 nasu = nose, smell, to smell

96 sula = question, suggestion, to ask, to question

97 neta = leader, noble, better, god, minister, statism

98 alisa = ear, sound, to hear, hear, music, song

99 ala = machine, computer, robot, engine, technology

100 tepelo = table, chair, workbench, crafting table, to craft, sofa, furniture, any kind of furniture, craft,crafting table, anvil, to make furniture, wood work

101 jeti = bigfoot, yeti, any mythical creature, monster, scary animal, any scary animal, the rake

102 laneta = planet, space, moon, asteroid


Pronouncation + alphabet

Stress is placed on the first syllable

Aa Bb Ee Ff Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv

letter          pronouncation

a               =           a 

i                =            i

e               =            e

u               =             u 

o               =             o 

f               =                f

 h              =                h

p               =                p

j               =                 j

k              =                 k

l                =                l

m             =                m

n               =                n

s                =               s

t                 =               t

w               =               w

- = small break in pronounciation

_ = small break in pronounciation

stress is put on the first syllablse

                                                                                                Alternative alphabet ( free to use this or latin )

Combining words

when combining words you put them together like fulipale = balloon ( fuli = air bale = ball )

if there is a double of the same letter you put a - between them

maku-unu = one sleep

a letter is only capitalized when its a name, place name or a country 

The order in where you put words together is PPPTANVNN (prefix pronoun preposition time adjective noun verb number name)


idea from greece


peoples beliefs / all peoples beliefs


sweet food


sweet foods / all sweet food

if there are for example 2 nouns the order doesnt matter

word order is SVO but you can use others too with the usage of la


just put the word suto ( many ) in the end of a word

janowasuto = animals


the word ma makes a word negative / opposite

for example

suto = many

masuto = nothing / small amount


base numbers are

ma ( 0 )

nowu ( 1 )

tu ( 2 )

tili ( 3 )

sosu ( 5 )

you make new numbers by combining them, if the number is less than 10

tutu = 4

tilitili = 6

if the word is bigger than 10 you do like this

when putting numbers like that you use _

nowu_ma_ma ( 100 )

tilinowu_ma_ma  ( 400 )

literaly meaning three one zero zero

la introduces the direct object

kona is put between adverb of context and subject

kona is used here B happends after A

Names / places

step 1 Change all sounds to the closest asapaka equivalent

for example g changes to k

r changes to l

y changes to u

v changes to f

œ  changes to o

æ  changes to a

v changes to f

so change it to the sound closest in the ipa chart

step 2 collapse any repeated same phonemes into one 

step 3 if there are double vowels put j in between of it

step 4 if there are 2 diffirend consonants put e in the middle

step 5 if there are 2 vowels put j in the middle

step 6 if a word ends in a consonant put a in the end

put sakasu before a name

put mu before a country name

put wi before a plant name

put janowa before an animal name

put laneta before a planet name


if not a country but a region dont put the word mu

loaning words is based on english writing

to make a question just say 

mi hawa la sula  ( i have a question )

or just use the word sula meaning question

or you can use words like suto ( what, wich, that, this, how  )